Jacksonville in Top 10 of Cities Attracting College Grads

With the number of college graduates in the city jumping 14.3 percent between 2007 and 2012, Jacksonville is one of America's New Brainpower Cities, according to an analysis by Forbes magazine. During that period, 36,986 college graduates moved to the area, said demographer Wendell Cox, who looked at the nation's 51 metro areas with more than 1 million people. All of the cities saw the number of people with a bachelor's degree or more increase.

The list of brain gainers is led by New Orleans and San Antonio, each of which saw a 20.3 percent jump. 

Urban studies Professor Joel Kotkin  delves deeply into the reasons behind the shifts. The big takeaway: "Educated people are increasingly heading to these metro areas, notably in the South, were job growth has been robust and the cost of living is far lower than in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York or Los Angeles."

Jacksonville is in the  midst of an push to attract more young, educated workers, which are seen as vital for a robust economy. 


Written by Timothy Gibbons

Jacksonville Business Journal