Aveo Engineering was searching for a home for its first U. S. manufacturing base location. Aveo, a global manufacturer of LED lights for aerospace, marine and other industries with harsh environments, worked in coordination with JAXUSA for potential locations in the region. With customers like Gulfstream, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon, Aveo’s U.S. market was on the rise. Logistically it seemed cheaper to supply product from a U.S. facility.

Aveo wanted to be near an airport because of its involvement with manufacturing aircraft lights and to have an air side location where it could have a hangar for development work to physically modify the aircraft for FAA approval.

Before settling on Flagler County as its U.S. manufacturing base, Aveo Engineering checked out mid-sized city airports nationwide. Once an approval was reached, the company announced it would invest $7 million in an airport hangar and manufacturing plant in the County, creating 300 jobs within the next three years. The jobs would mostly be focused in engineering and pay an average wage of $40,000.