Our region has a rich and diverse economy where business thrives. Northeast Florida is internationally known for its talents in Advanced Manufacturing, Financial Services and Health and Life Sciences.

In addition to national and global headquarters located here, the seven counties of Northeast Florida focus on attracting businesses in the following key industries that have high-growth potential:

  • Financial Services, including professional services
  • Health and Life Sciences, including health care technology
  • Logistics, including supply chain management/IT
  • Aviation and Aerospace, including aviation and aircraft components
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Information Technology

Innovate Northeast Florida, the region's five-year strategic plan, is driving growth and innovation in each industry. Core competencies and assets that benefit any industry also position us for long-term growth. Lean manufacturing, regulatory compliance, information technology and military are strengths unique to our region.

7 Counties

The Northeast Florida region is comprised of seven distinct counties.