The aviation industry has taken flight in the Jacksonville region. Companies like Boeing, Embraer, Northrop Grumman, Flightstar and others, value Northeast Florida’s location because of its global accessibility. And it is centrally located in the southeast United States aviation industry corridor.

The region offers cost-effective assets for profitable company margins as aviation industry wages in the region are well below those of the U.S. overall. More than 9,000 workers are employed in the aviation industry and nearly 100 aviation-related defense contractors operate in the region. This provides a diverse talent pool of skilled technicians and laborers from which to recruit, including the more than 3,000 retiring and separating military workers in the region that return to the private sector annually.

Cecil Commerce Center, site of former Naval Air Station Cecil Field, is the largest aviation industrial park in the Southeast. It is also the only licensed commercial Space Port on the East Coast.

"Jacksonville has facilities like Cecil Commerce Center, which is a former military airfield, for companies like LSI, Boeing and others to come in and have access to competitive rates and direct flight and ramp line access. "

Phil VossChief Corporate Development Officer - LSI