Key Education and Workforce Initiatives

Career Academy Engagement
This high school model produces students who are both college and career ready. We provide leadership on aligning academies with the region's industries, encourage national standards of best practices and promote employer engagement.

STEM Promotion
Skills in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – are key to a competitive future workforce. Through our STEM discussions with business leaders and outreach to students and parents, we seek to increase the number of people skilled in STEM fields.

Post-Secondary Attainment
Earn Up is an ambitious higher education collaborative in Northeast Florida with a goal of having 60 percent of adults with training certificates or college degrees by 2025. The JAXUSA-led multi-channel network is promoting 'higher earning through higher learning' based on research that shows the single greatest predictor of economic success in a community is the number of degreed and industry-certified people who live there.

Job Seeker Assistance
Our “New Path” events provide job seekers with a personal skills analysis and overview of the shifting job market. This analysis allows them to identify their transferable skills and target their job search efforts.

Employer Assistance
Employers rely on access to a skilled workforce. We connect companies with the services and tools to help them source candidates and influence the workforce pipeline.

Education Advocacy
From discussing the latest legislation impacting education to identifying business engagement best practices, we share information critical to helping businesses strategically engage in education reform.

Through our work, more than 75 regional career academies were created and aligned with key industries, 300 paid internships have been provided to high school students, and more than 430 job seekers were assisted through the “New Path” and “Grad Path” seminars.

CareerSource Northeast Florida, our region’s workforce board, is a leading provider of innovative services for employers and offers candidate sourcing, training services and access to tax incentives.