Tina Wirth

"I came here to visit 14 years ago, took one look at the beaches, housing prices and park system, and decided to pull up roots from the San Francisco Bay Area and come to Jacksonville. What a great choice! The friendly people, sunny climate and diverse industry base have made it an idyllic place to live."

As vice president of education and workforce development, Tina is responsible for supporting economic growth in the region through career and work-readiness programs. Her department supports the needs of local employers, business prospects, k-12 schools and higher education. Tina has served in the education and workforce fields for 15 years.


Education & Workforce Development

Alma Mater

University of North Florida

Favorite Landmark or Attraction

Little Talbot Island

Favorite Movie

Office Space

Favorite Restaurant


Tina Wirth

VP, Workforce Development

(904) 366-6651

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