NorthgateArinso Plans to Move North American Headquarters to Jacksonville

The relocation of the headquarters would move 10 to 20 senior executives to Jacksonville after NorthgateArinso completes its acquisition of Convergys' human resource division.

Mayor John Peyton, who met with top executives of both companies Monday, said he welcomes the prospect of job growth, particularly because the company is not requesting state or city financial incentives.

“This will be our largest, most sophisticated facility,” said Trey Campbell, president of NorthgateArinso Americas.

In addition to moving the headquarters, Campbell said he expects NorthgateArinso could add several hundred jobs in Jacksonville, but it's not possible to specify an exact figure or timetable. The company is still working with Convergys' existing clients to get them on board with switching their contracts to NorthgateArinso.

“We have no reason to believe that all our clients will not consent,” said John Gibson, president of employee care for Convergys in Jacksonville.

Convergys is spinning off its human resource division and announced the $100 million sale in March. The deal would affect about 2,300 employees of Cincinnati-based Convergys. The Jacksonville office of Convergys accounts for 700 employees who would move to NorthgateArinso. They would work in a Convergys-owned building leased to NorthgateArinso.

Convergys would retain its presence in Jacksonville with 1,500 employees working in other lines of business.
NorthgateArinso has global reach with offices in 31 countries and had been seeking a way to ramp up its business in the United States, Campbell said.

“It really provides a solid foundation upon which to build our business,” he said.

The acquisition would boost NorthgateArinso's worldwide workforce to about 8,000 employees.
NorthgateArinso's world headquarters is in the United Kingdom.

David Bauerlein

Florida Times-Union