About the Jacksonville Region Test

With 1.8 million residents, the seven counties of Northeast Florida region have award-winning cuisine, 87 miles of Atlantic coastline, top school districts and an enviable climate. Jacksonville, the region’s largest city, accounts for nearly 1 million residents and is the intersection of cosmopolitan flair and coastal cool.

The region continues to experience positive growth as more people discover its perfect balance between business opportunity and lifestyle. Job opportunity for trailing partners and adult children are abundant especially in the areas of advanced manufacturing, advanced transportation & logistics, financial services, health & biomedical and IT & innovation. Tech and innovation is 

Not sure where to start when finding the perfect neighborhood, getting involved in the community, arts and cultural attractions,  job opportunities for trailing partners or what to do when its 80 degrees in January? We have resources to help you get acclimated in Greater Jacksonville.  Let us help you Find Your JAX.

We pride ourselves on educating the best and keeping them here. The Jacksonville region is home to four of Florida’s top 20 K-12 school districts, excellent private and charter schools and top colleges and universities. Learn more about our top-tier education, especially in the areas of Finance and Fintech.


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