Advanced Manufacturing

Space & Defense

With access to military talent, global connectivity and a world-class infrastructure, the most recognized space and defense technology companies thrive here.

6,000+ Aviation Workers

NO Tax on Mfg. Equipment

85+ Daily Nonstop Flights

Growth and innovation from global space and defense manufacturers and the region's experienced talent base have led NASA Administrator Bill Nelson to claim the Jacksonville region has "become the center for space technology."

The Jacksonville region has a global leadership role in space and defense technology because of the operational presence of some of the world’s leading providers.  Northrop Grumman, BoeingCarlisle Interconnect Technologies, Redwire SpaceKaman Aerospace and Collins Aerospace among others play critical roles in both the support of military complex and the use of space for communications and discovery.

All of these companies benefit from Jacksonville’s significant military presence.  Naval Air Station Jacksonville and Naval Station Mayport play a integral, strategic role in the global defense ecosystem and provide a pipleline of skilled, experience talent.

The area’s infrastructure is ready for the next generation of space exploration and tourism.  Cecil Spaceport is the first commercial spaceport on the East Coast licensed to conduct horizontal launch operations and has been the center point for over $300 million in infrastructure improvements in the area.