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From talent to infrastructure, startups and global tech leaders find the Jacksonville region to be the perfect region for growing health care technology solutions.

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The ingenuity in the Jacksonville region’s information technology sector is revolutionizing the health care industry at large from simplification of data exchange and health care communication to workflow improvements.

Our region’s health tech employers provide medical professionals with all the resources and evolving innovation needed to easily keep track of their patients and improve overall quality of care.

Jacksonville is home to a number of health tech companies who provide health care professionals with a wide variety of materials, such as clinical information, data science and medical records, among other solutions. These companies are leading the way in ensuring patient care, not “paperwork,” is at the forefront of the experience. Jacksonville-based company leaders in the space include Availity, which operates the largest real-time information network in health care, and Forcura, which focuses on document management and HIPAA-compliant communication for health care providers.

Larger corporations aren’t the only entities with a seat at the innovation table in Jacksonville, as the region focuses on cultivating homegrown entrepreneurs through economic gardening measures. The region’s Open Innovation Consortium uniquely facilitates large-scale corporations with entrepreneurs to solve for global industry challenges through the Call to Innovate initiative – considered first of its kind. Cohorts will focus on a number of initiatives, including health care innovation bringing hospitals, insurers and startups together to deliver use cases on such opportunities as health care AI and virtual care delivery in underserved communities.

We know that an important part of your company’s success is talent. With close proximity to Florida’s top public universities, and an average of 28,000 STEM graduates from local colleges and universities, you will have access to some of the most talented graduates who are eager to join the workforce.