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Medical Device

The Jacksonville region has a long history of medical advancement. Combine that with a deep talent pool in health care and research in an innovation-focused environment and medical device manufacturers are thriving in Northeast Florida.

1 in 8 Jobs In Health Care

99,000+ Skilled Workforce Talent

20+ Health Systems

Fostering innovation with a strong infrastructure and talent base, companies in this field find that Northeast Florida provides the ideal environment to concept, create and bring-to-market critical and high-tech solutions to heal the world’s citizenry.

Northeast Florida is a center of growth, opportunity and leadership for the health care industry. With more than 20 hospitals leading the industry by implementing procedures such as robotic-execution in cardiovascular surgeries and minimally invasive valve replacement in 20 minutes, the Jacksonville region provides a growing hotbed for medical device companies to be equally innovative.

The rich health care environment in the region lays a foundation for companies providing groundbreaking advancements in medical equipment and technology. The region is fostering medical device innovation in ear, nose and throat and eye care leadership, research and development, implant and surgical instrument production, robotics design and more.

Medical device manufacturers in the region rely on the area’s strong infrastructure and talent to grow. Manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson Vision, Medtronic, Zimmer Biomet, KLS Martin Group and Thermo Fisher Scientific all have a strong presence in the Jacksonville region. The technology and application of medical devices have evolved immensely as health care has advanced in the Jacksonville region.