Global Trade

JAXUSA's global trade initiative provides detailed assistance to individuals and businesses wanting to learn how an export/import strategy can increase revenues, create employment opportunities and increase the local economy.

The Jacksonville region is one of nearly 30 nationwide metro areas participating in the Global Cities Initiative Exchange supported by Brookings Institute and JP Morgan Chase Global Cities Initiative.

Through the program, JAXUSA works to increase the region’s economic prosperity by growing export/import trade and international business activities; increasing commerce by leveraging the region’s two deep-water seaports, airports, spaceport and foreign trade zone; and enhancing international exposure to our world-class medical facilities, financial market, logistics services, foreign direct investment and quality of life.

JAX Global Trade is a one-stop location for businesses to understand, navigate, and successfully enter the world of international exporting through a self-assessment form to determine a business’ readiness for becoming a global exporter. Our partner, JAXPORT, provides the most comprehensive resource directory with port-related businesses and service providers in Northeast Florida which will be of use to any exporting business in the region.

U.S. Trading Partners

At the end of 2022, the following countries were considered the top trading partners for the United States in terms of U.S. export sales. These countries consumed nearly 74 percent of all U.S. exports.

U.S. Top Trading Partners in Terms Of Export Sales in 2022

Rank Country U.S. Dollars % of Total U.S. Exports
Total, All Countries $2,062.9 Billion 100.0%
Total, Top 15 Countries $1,517.2  Billion 73.5%
1 Canada $355.0 Billion 17.5%
2 Mexico $324.4 Billion 15.7%
3 China $153.8 Billion 7.5%
4 Japan $80 Billion 3.9%
5 United Kingdom $77.3 Billion 3.7%
6 Germany $72.9 Billion 3.5%
7 Netherlands $72.9 Billion 3.5%
8 South Korea $71.5 Billion 3.5%
9 Brazil $53.6 Billion 2.6%
10 India $47.3 Billion 2.3%
11 Singapore $46.2 Billion 2.2%
12 France $45.8 Billion 2.2%
13 Taiwan $43.7 Billion 2.1%
14 Switzerland $36.9 Billion 1.8%
15 Belgium $35.5 Billion 1.7%

U.S. Census Data, 2022