Business Growth is Booming in St. Johns County

As one of the first two Florida counties, St. Johns County is traditionally known for its rich history, tourism assets and high quality of life. Now, its reputation is booming as a global destination for business growth and expansion as well as having a deep and diversified talent base. With a population that’s growing at one of the fastest rates in the United States of more than 300,000, St. Johns County has become a preeminent destination for companies and workers across a wide variety of industries and skill sets.

Anchoring the private sector economy in St. Johns County is Northrup Grumman. One of the leading aerospace companies in the world and the largest private employer in the area, Northrop Grumman has held a presence since 1980 and serviced more than 1,600 aircraft at its St. Augustine facility.  Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, one of the world’s leaders in the engineering and production of wire and cable products for aviation, aerospace, military, space, industrial and medical companies, is also one of the largest employers in the St. Johns County and showcases strength in the space and defense technology sector.

Some of recent advanced manufacturing expansions in St. Johns County include Vermeer Southeast, a global industrial and agricultural equipment manufacturer that is bringing its regional headquarters to the region; Rulon, a leader in wood ceilings and acoustical wall systems; and KeHe, a national foods distributor that further diversifies the industrial landscape.

One of the main competitive advantages of St. Johns County is their focus on education.  The county has regularly been ranked a top primary school system in the state of Florida. At the secondary level, St. Augustine is home to Flagler College, which ranks third in the 2024 edition of Best Regional Colleges in the South. First Coast Technical College is designed to drive technological innovation and aligns with the county’s commitment to staying ahead in the technology services space. St. Johns River State College has multiple locations in the region and offers a wide array of academic tracks.

Most recently, Publix Super Markets announced that it will establish an innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in St. Johns County, assisting with economic growth and approximately 400 new jobs. This facility is expected to be operational in 2026 and will build further synergies in the life sciences sector across the region.

St. Johns County is also home to the global headquarters and production facilities for the PGA TOUR.  With almost 900 employees in the county, the PGA TOUR supports tournament leadership, operations and programming that keep the tour and its talent traveling the world.

As St. Johns County looks to the future, it continues to support business growth and the talent that comes with it while maintaining a strong infrastructure, education system and an unmatched quality of life. The county’s preeminent position in the state and its global reach truly makes it a desired destination for all.