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Canadian-based Space Engine Systems Adds to Jacksonville’s Strong Aerospace Operations

Even prior to the creation of the U.S. Space Force in 2019, the aerospace industry was growing astronomically in Jacksonville.

Cecil Spaceport’s standing as the only licensed horizontal launch commercial spaceport on the East Coast has been a site for successful test launches from Generation Orbit Launch Services’ liquid rocket engines. With plans to launch orbital flights and autonomous vehicle launches this year, including Aevum, Inc.’s plans to test small satellites to low orbit through $4.9 million in funding from Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, Cecil Spaceport will continue to be a testing site and driver for the aerospace industry for years to come.

As such, this month, Cecil Spaceport’s environmental and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to conduct testing attracted Edmonton-based Space Engine Systems to set up its North American operations base in Jacksonville. The site will serve as a propulsion technology development facility for the company in reaching its goal to launch a reusable, single-stage-to-orbit cruise vehicle capable of flight up to hypersonic speeds.

The news follows the 2020 announcements of Made In Space and Redwire Space headquarters relocations and expansion of Collins Aerospace in the region.