City Vying For Google Fiber Internet Access

Jacksonville is a growing technology hub with diverse industries and a commitment to small business growth. These are the reasons the city is invited to explore bringing Google Fiber to the area.

Jacksonville was one of 1,100 metro areas that applied five years ago to Google Fiber for its ultra high-speed Internet access. Recently, Google Fiber selected the city to begin a joint planning process and evaluation.

Today’s average American broadband speed is 11.7 Megabits per second, with less than 10 percent of homes in the U.S. connected to the Internet served over fiber-optic networks. Google Fiber could provide access to gigabit Internet up to 1,000 Megabits per second – or 85 times faster than average speeds. Gigabit Internet is the next step in Internet speeds.

Access to quality and high-speed Internet service ensures Jacksonville is well placed for continued economic growth. Being a Google Fiber city will transform Jacksonville by making it easier to attract new companies and residents, especially those in the technology sector.