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Eagle LNG Announces Third Jacksonville Facility

Houston-based Eagle LNG Partners doubled-down on Jacksonville with the announcement of their new $500 million liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility to cover nearly 200 acres on the city’s Northside. The facility will have a processing capacity of 1.65 million gallons of LNG per day for exporting to the Caribbean islands.

Eagle currently supplies Jacksonville-based Crowley Maritime through their Maxville liquefication and Talleyrand bunkering facilities for its two vessels, Taino and El Coqui, the world’s first LNG-powered vessels capable of carrying both containers and vessels.

According to Eagle LNG’s press release, the company’s “investment in Jacksonville…will rival that of other major manufacturers who are moving to Jacksonville because of its skilled workforce and strong port presence. This facility will further support the almost 26,000 jobs in Northeast Florida that depend on the port and its activity.”

When asked about the continued status of Jacksonville as a hub for the LNG market in December 2019, Eagle LNG president Sean Lalani said, “When you look at North America, there’s no place where this is happening more than Jacksonville.”

Already a leader in the U.S. liquified natural gas (LNG) industry, In 2019, JAX LNG opened the first small-scale LNG facility in America that produces 120,000 gallons per day earlier this year. JAX LNG provides fuel to TOTE Maritime, another Jacksonville-based global shipping company which homeports two LNG-powered container ships at JAXPORT.