Corporate Operations

Elevate Northeast Florida Report Released

JAXUSA Partnership hosted more than 100 government, business and community leaders at a luncheon today to present the results of the  research process for the economic development organization’s future five year strategy, Elevate Northeast Florida. Lead consultant, Amy Holloway of Avalanche Consulting, laid out the framework of the recommendations that should be implemented based on focus groups, one-on-one interviews, county visits and surveys conducted during the nine-month research and planning process.

According to the recommendations, over the next five years, the region should aim to reach the new proposed vision statement, “Our region is the top destination for opportunity and investments, making it the highest performing economy in the world.” To do this, four pillars or goals have been developed based on need and distinction opportunity. Those pillars are:

  • Empowering partnerships to advance education and workforce;
  • Amplifying our leadership as a preeminent smart region;
  • Emboldening our global brand; and
  • Deepening our industry clusters and intensifying support.

Each goal has a recommended lead champion and support partners to ensure completion. The report also recommends a list of priority projects that will need to be implemented over the course of a specific timeline to meet each goal. As this is truly a plan for the region, the community at large is invited to participate in the implementation by registering on the Elevate Northeast Florida website for one or more of the designated committees.

Since the last strategic plan, Innovate Northeast Florida, launched in 2012, the seven-county region has surpassed expectations, creating more than 100,000 jobs and ranking as the third highest job growth rate in the country in 2017.

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