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Enstructure & JAXPORT Partner to Expand TalleyRand Marine Terminal in 2025

The Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) Board of Directors approved a 30-year agreement with top U.S. marine terminal and logistics company Enstructure for the lease and development of 79-acres of waterfront property at their Talleyrand Marine Terminal. This lease will begin in 2025 when Southeast Toyota Distributors relocates their operations to Blount Island.

Driven by innovation and investment, JAXPORT serves as an influential force, establishing partnerships that continue to elevate the Northeast Florida’s position in the transportation and logistics industry.

JAXPORT’s strategic location in Southeastern United States serves as a vital link between the nation’s extensive rail and highway networks, making it the intercontinental access point to Florida, the nation’s third-largest state. As Florida’s largest container port and one of the foremost hubs for vehicle transportation, JAXPORT offers unparalleled access to nearly 100 million consumers within the same day.

With two-way ship traffic, harbor depths reaching 47 feet, connections to 17 global shipping lines and the distinction of hosting the world’s first LNG-powered container ship, JAXPORT showcases innovation and progress. The port’s extensive reach across 140 ports in over 70 countries has gained recognition from companies interested in expanding operations and utilizing newer technologies to advance their business.

As part of the expansion, Enstructure will build a minimum of 20,000 square feet of new on-terminal warehousing space at the Talleyrand Marine Terminal — this development will grow JAXPORT’s capacity to handle non-containerized cargo, such as forest products, by 20 percent and draw more business to the area over time.

This new agreement means an increase in JAXPORT’s capacity to service breakbulk and bulk products in the Jacksonville region. “This agreement allows us to build on our cargo diversification, while also supporting the growth of an experienced terminal operator that has contributed so much to the growth of our port,” said JAXPORT CEO Eric Green. “Enstructure is one of our longest standing tenants and we are proud to support their continued success in Jacksonville.”

With companies like Enstructure, the Jacksonville region continues to reinforce its position as America’s Logistics Center. With sizable investments being made on new generation transportation and communication technologies, Northeast Florida is focused on becoming the nation’s leading smart region. Supported by a multifaceted infrastructure encompassing rail, air, maritime and highway, businesses are consistently choosing the Jacksonville region as a location to expand and grow their operations into the future.