Entrepreneurial advice from former General Electric CEO Jack Welch

Former CEO of General Electric Jack Welch and his wife Suzy offered business lessons and advice to the audience attending One Spark, an event designed to match startup companies and entrepreneurs with funding sources, or according to CNN Money “a real-life version of Kickstarter.”

The Welches advice to entrepreneurs and business people …
•    Your job as a boss is to get every brain in the game. We are basically breaking down silos and we have to break down barriers of behavior. Never forget that, whether you’ve got a startup or a big company.
•    Start again and again and again. We don’t live in a linear world anymore, but one where people have second and third careers and reinvent themselves.
•    Create a “wow” team at the workplace. You’ve got to make it a place where you want to hang out, be with these people.

Early-stage businesses are taking notice of Jacksonville’s emerging startup scene, and what the area offers that places like Silicon Valley and New York City cannot. Inexpensive business and labor costs, low taxes, a young population and an attractive quality of life entice entrepreneurs from around the country.