In His Own Words: Jerry Mallot

Jerry Mallot, who recently retired as president of JAXUSA Partnership, met with the editorial staff at the Financial News & Daily Record to reflect on the challenges and rewards of more than 40 years of working in economic development.

In the article, Jerry states that “Jacksonville gets it.” The city’s political and business leaders understand why economic development is so important and how competitive it is at the same time. And is one reason he chose to stay in Jacksonville for more than 24 years.

Jerry says that Jacksonville and the region have come a long way in his nearly 25 years. Jacksonville has grown by hundreds of thousands of residents and gone from mediocre restaurants to fantastic options. It is now an international city, a major league city, a wealthier city, and the quality of life has expanded tremendously, and it all applies to the region.

There has been significant impact that the JAXUSA Partnership team and the businesses, government and community leaders have made when it comes to making Jacksonville and the First Coast a better place.

More of Jerry’s insights and reflections can be found in the article.