Jacksonville: A City On The Move

The recent Jacksonville Community Portrait in Florida Trend magazine shows the city’s promising signs as it moves to a new era of urban development, business success and long-term sustainability. 

Continued momentum in logistics, financial services, health care and life sciences, manufacturing, tourism and real estate all contribute to the city’s optimism for success. The publication calls these industries the “economic backbone” of the city, along with Jacksonville’s large military presence. It also emphasizes the city’s stable business base that is not dependent on one sector for success.

Florida Trend’s publisher, Andy Corty, commented in his overview, “Jacksonville is a great place to visit – and also a great city in which to live, build a career and raise a family. It’s a city on the move."

The article shows Jacksonville as a great location for corporate headquarters, major regional offices, and manufacturing. Our key target industries continue to have high-growth potential and contribute to our rich and diverse economy.

Read the article to learn more about what’s Made in Jacksonville … airplanes, contact lenses, beer, chocolate, coffee, sportswear, cigars. And, our Notable Companies on the national and global stage.