Technology Services

Jacksonville: A Hub for Information and Connectivity

In the Internet-of-Things era, data centers are a vital component in coordinating multiple points quickly. While all data centers require certain core infrastructure such as diverse fiber connectivity, utility grade construction, high security and environmental controls, there are added advantages in Jacksonville.

The region has a growing demand for data centers due to its location on the global fiber optic network, reduced risk and latency and lower cost than other markets, saving customers upwards of 30 percent on business expenses.

Downtown Jacksonville’s JAX NAP (Network Access Point) is home to eight onside data centers and more than 20 fiber providers. Much like airline transportation hubs, the NAP exchanges data between fiber optic cable systems to allow them to reach their destination. As the most connected NAP between Atlanta and Miami, JAX NAP is network neutral and hosts a significant amount of dark fiber and subsea fiber optic connectivity to more than 40 countries.

As the region advances its efforts to become the nation’s first smart region, the master plan behind the initiative is grounded in the collection, analysis and application of data from numerous sources to improve safety, mobility and productivity. The concept is that all collected data will be housed in a regional integrated data exchange. That data can be used to improve everything from traffic and parking management to autonomous vehicle utilization to first responders’ dispatch.

In addition to the state and local agencies plugged into the data exchange, there is increasing participation from the wider tech community to develop applications and services that leverage the availability of the data.

Jacksonville has been a test market for innovation in this space, and as such, established companies and startups are showing interest in growing their presence and testing their products in the region. Most recently, a West Coast-based provider of global internet services and data centers chose to create a point of presence in Jacksonville, due to the region’s dedication to smart technology.