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Jacksonville Aviation Authority’s Significant Economic Impact

According to a recent study released by the Florida Department of Transportation, the Jacksonville Aviation Authority contributes more than $6 billion a year to the Jacksonville economy.

The study included direct impacts, like employee salaries, and indirect impacts, like visitor spending and employee spending. It studied the four airports under JAA’s authority: Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport, Cecil Airport and Herlong Recreational Airports.

“As this FDOT study shows, our aviation system is a significant contributor to Northeast Florida’s economy,” JAA CEO Mark VanLoh said in a statement. “The expected growth at each of our four airports will continue fueling the region’s financial health.”

JIA makes the biggest impact of JAA’s airports, generating almost $3.2 billion and supporting more than 26,000 jobs. Cecil came in second with an impact of almost $3 billion and about 11,000 jobs. JaxEx, a comparatively small general aviation airport, contributes $100 million, and Herlong Recreational generates $52 million.

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority had previously announced that they are adding a third concourse with six additional gates at Jacksonville International Airport. The airport experienced a 16 percent increase in passengers in 2018.

For more information, read the article at the Jacksonville Business Journal.