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Jacksonville Claims Top Spot in Emsi Talent Attraction Scorecard

During an era when companies and cities across the United States are competing for skilled workforce, Jacksonville’s Duval County emerged as the #1 large county in the country deemed most attractive to talent, according to a report conducted by economic analysis firm, Emsi. The Emsi 4th annual talent attraction scorecard ranked large (more than 100,000 in population) and small counties (less than 100,000 in population) on factors including overall job growth, migration flows, education, regional competitiveness and job openings for skilled work.

Duval County jumped from 47th to first in year-over-year scorecard comparisons. Cited by Emsi as a “rising economic powerhouse that is consistently attracting new residents and growing its talent base,” Duval County increased its population 7 percent and job growth was up 11 percent – nearly twice the national rate – from 2014 to 2018.

Jacksonville’s diverse industry base helped its job growth and the report specifically mentioned its boost as a logistics center with new Amazon and Wayfair distribution centers online.

The county’s location in the South is considered desirable to talent, as more than half of the talent attraction leaders were located in the U.S. Sunbelt states.