Jacksonville in Actionville: Job Creation Doubles, Capital Investment Triples in 2013

We're so proud of JAXUSA and the results that followed the 2012 Innovate Northeast Florida Strategy that our team developed for the region. Their remarkable results are proof that a strong strategic vision, a commitment to excellence, creative marketing and an energized team really pay off. On the marketing front, in 2013 the JAXUSA Partnership:

•    Invested in a new website.
•    Saw website traffic increase by 10,000 visitors.
•    Earned 622,594 impressions through trade publications. (That's right: 622K!)

 In other rankings:

•    Forbes ranked the region as one of the fastest growing regions for high tech jobs.

•    Jacksonville was acknowledged as one of the cities 'Winning the Battle for the Biggest Growth Sector in the US' by Forbes. During the past decade, Professional, Scientific & Technical Services jobs have nearly doubled, the largest increase among the country's 51 largest metropolitan areas.

•    FDi Intelligence ranked Jacksonville in the top 10 for infrastructure and FDI Strategy.  

•    Jacksonville was ranked 7th on Forbes' list of US Cities Getting Smarter the Fastest. Over the past decade, the number of college graduates in the metropolitan area jumped nearly 50%.

•    Jacksonville was named 3rd Happiest City in the US for College Graduates by Forbes.

•    In 2013, Jacksonville hosted the inaugural One Spark event, an international crowdfunding festival.

We looking forward to seeing more great news from JAXUSA in 2014.