Transportation & Logistics

Jacksonville is a Launching Point in the Transportation and Logistics Industry

As “America’s Logistics Center,” Jacksonville is on the worldwide stage as the preeminent destination for transportation and logistics companies across the globe. In the past four years alone, the transportation and logistics industry has served as a significant sector for the Jacksonville region with more than 3,500 new jobs created and nearly $900 million in private investment from new projects.

At a recent JAXUSA luncheon, more than 400 attendees of the region’s business, government and community heard from Michael Kiely, president of global government affairs for UPS, on how Jacksonville put itself on the map as a leader in the industry due to its ability to overcome the supply chain issues during the COVID-19 pandemic and surpass other competing destinations along the way.

Northeast Florida is a noteworthy location as its transportation and logistics infrastructure includes rail, air, maritime and highway, which allows products to easily be shipped anywhere and reach 98 million consumers within a day’s drive.

“In many ways, [Jacksonville] is the launching point for what happens in the Southeast,” said Kiely. “It’s unique in that it connects so many different flows of commerce. There’s not a lot of places in this country that have as many connection points as Jacksonville.”

Kiely noted that the UPS’ commitment to innovation is key to their success, stating that their Jacksonville operation has doubled the size of its throughput with the ability to handle 1.2 million packages per day through technological advancements.

In the Jacksonville region, innovation is an integral component to what drives the transportation and logistics infrastructure. The strides the region is making in innovation has gained recognition from global companies interested in setting up operations and utilizing the new technology to advance their business.

Northeast Florida’s position as an international transportation and logistics leader makes the region a perfect fit for companies looking to expand and quicken their reach, serve as a major player in innovation and be a part of a collaborative environment that promotes growth and development.

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