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Jacksonville Ranked a Top City for Millennials…Again

It’s no secret that employers are looking for young talent to fill jobs in the workplace, regardless of target industry. And, as quality of place becomes a top consideration for millennial and upcoming Gen Z talent, in some cases, more so than the job opportunity itself, cities are in fierce competition for this type of worker.

Count Jacksonville as a competitor to watch. Personal finance firm, SmartAsset’s recent report rated Jacksonville as the #5 most popular city to which millennials are moving. The Northeast Florida city of nearly 900,000 was the only Florida city to be listed in the report. The data was cultivated from the U.S. Census Bureau showing the number of people between ages 20 and 34 who moved to the city. In Jacksonville, the net migration was more than 6,350, less than 200 millennials from the #4 spot.

Reasons cited in the study for Jacksonville to be a hot spot is the state’s zero income tax environment and that Jacksonville residents are some of the least taxed in the country.