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JAXUSA Offers Virtual Site Package for Business Recruitment

Despite the uncertain times that lie ahead in the near-term, business expansion and relocation interest in the Jacksonville region continues to be prevalent now and in the future.  The team at JAXUSA Partnership is committed to serving those interested in learning more about all that the region has to offer, and in order to continue to showcase the region, the organization has transformed operations from in-person site visits to online and digital experiences so that business decision makers and site consultants can continue momentum.

The new virtual site package will enable showcasing the region with live conferencing presentations, an interactive mapping capability with images, videos and points of interest information, a new GISWebTech Recruit tool with downloadable building brochures and data points on demographics, workforce availability and research including industry case studies, economic snapshots and more.

With the virtual program, the JAXUSA team can not only take the opportunity to reconnect with existing qualified projects, they can also initiate new projects for the region which in turn can grow jobs and capital investment.  The virtual package offers modern enterprise video communication tools like Zoom or GoTo Meeting, and, in place of in-person site visits, this platform is an essential tool which allows a new way to showcase presentations via live conferencing to maintain relationships with existing projects.

The interactive mapping technology provides a customized “driving tour” using Google Maps with image and video capability. This virtual experience provides an insider view on vital points of interest in the region in relation to potential industrial or office sites. In addition, geographical features and street-view perspectives on available sites and buildings along with views of the ever-expanding infrastructure are all readily available to access. These types of tools and views are integral to gaining a solid understanding of the region in the absence of in-person visits due to social distancing guidelines.

While JAXUSA is working diligently to shift opportunities for site consultants and business clients, the team is keenly focused on the foundational purpose of the organization: to guide you through the process.  We are forging ahead with expansion and relocation plans to see our destination virtually and it is clear that JAXUSA and the region are still very much “open for business.”