Railex Considers Jacksonville for $44 Million Project and More Than 300 High-Wage Jobs

Legislation enabling the company to grow its business in Jacksonville will be introduced to City Council this week. 

“Railex’s plan for Jacksonville speaks volumes about the strength and growth potential of our local logistics business,” said Mayor Alvin Brown. “I’m excited that the company is considering Jacksonville for its fourth location. This is a great investment that shows confidence in our momentum for economic development.”

Founded in 2005, Railex transports and distributes perishable products including produce, fruit, beverages and pharmaceuticals via temperature-controlled train service.  The company has exclusive service agreements with CSX and Union Pacific, and it has three strategically located and highly-specialized refrigerated warehouses in Delano, California; Wallula, Washington; and Rotterdam, New York. 

“Adding Jacksonville as an additional origination and destination location will enable Railex to distribute its products to more than 60 million consumers within one day,” said Jerry Mallot, interim president of the JAX Chamber and president of JAXUSA Partnership. “We are delighted the company is considering Jacksonville as a location to expand its business.”

The company currently ships 650,000 tons of refrigerated goods to 21 states and six provinces of Canada. Railex proposes to acquire a tract of undeveloped rail spur property along Philips Highway adjacent to the Florida East Coast Railroad marshalling yard and build a 220,000 square foot refrigerated freight consolidation and deconsolidation warehouse and distribution facility.  Additionally, it proposes to construct 21,000 linear feet of spur rail and support yard rail to handle the loading and unloading of unit trains.