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Synergy Technologies to Add 300 New Jobs in Jacksonville Expansion

Global IT consulting firm, Synergy Technologies announced its plans to make a major expansion in Jacksonville, adding 300 new jobs in downtown Jacksonville. The company provides a broad range of information technology and outsourcing services to companies in a variety of sectors across the world.

Synergy Technologies also designs and develops software for a variety of different businesses, including health care, transportation and financial services companies.

“Jacksonville is becoming a hotbed for tech talent and this is the right place for us to invest,” said James Higbe, Synergy Technologies’ Chief Strategy Officer.

Further enhancing the region’s innovation ecosystem is a significant focus for Jacksonville, evidenced by recent news of homegrown IT company Forcura’s expansion of 115 jobs, Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s broadened use of autonomous vehicles and future innovation space and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ and local business’ commitment to developing tech talent.

Additionally, Synergy’s leadership is committed to improving the communities it serves and making a difference. For example, in June, the company launched Project Wingman, connecting displaced workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic to video conferencing tips, interviewing advice and resume preparation skills to prepare them for job opportunities.

“Synergy is part of the innovative culture and ecosystem we’re building here and their work on Project Wingman is proof they are working to improve the entire community,” said JAXUSA Partnership President Aundra Wallace.