Preparing For The Future: The Rise of Transit-Oriented Development In The Jacksonville Region

The Jacksonville region is making strides toward a transformative shift in commuting. Led by the Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s (JTA) First Coast Rail Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) project, the Jacksonville region is reimaging the linkage between the vibrant, sustainable communities along the proposed 38.4-mile First Coast Rail (FCR) corridor, linking downtown Jacksonville to St. Augustine.

Currently evaluating fifteen potential station areas, Jacksonville, with the largest city footprint in the U.S., prioritizes transit connectivity as part of its commitment to robust transit infrastructure and improved accessibility. This strategy emphasizes convenient access to various transit modes, such as the Jacksonville Skyway, JTA buses, and the forthcoming First Coast Flyer BRT system. The goal is to reduce reliance on individual vehicles, alleviate traffic congestion, and foster an eco-friendly urban environment, aligning with the city’s vision for enhanced mobility and quality of life in Northeast Florida.

The ongoing comprehensive evaluation considers factors like built environments, land use, zoning, ownership structures, and transit connectivity, highlighting Jacksonville’s understanding of the importance of balancing commuting needs with overall quality of life.

In parallel with the growth in infrastructure, communities like Artea are on rise. The Southbank venture is a $75 million, 340-unit residential community that embodies a transformative approach to modern residential spaces. Artea is collaborating with JTA to establish connections with the JTA San Marco Skyway rail station and upcoming bike and pedestrian corridors. The residential community’s strategic proximity to the highly anticipated River’s Edge development guarantees seamless integration into Jacksonville’s expanding landscape.

As Jacksonville proactively plans for future, the combination of mobility, economic foresight and sustainable urban planning is being set, ushering in a new era in transportation and urban development for the region.