What It’s Like To Work For One Of America’s Most Iconic Brands

Source: Huffington Post Business

To get a taste of what makes America great today, look no further than your local factory or plant. We, Joe and Max, feel that by highlighting those who fuel the local economy, we can learn more about the goods and products that add color to our lives. That is the focus of our new digital content series, created in partnership with Maxwell House, called “Made Right Here.” We’re telling the real stories of American progress.

When we visited the plant, we learned about the generations of employees who dedicate their days – and nights – to carefully crafting a cup of coffee that is “Good to the Last Drop” every time – a line Teddy Roosevelt coined more than 100 years ago. To get a behind-the-scenes look into what makes Maxwell House coffee so good, we interviewed plant manager and 24-year plant veteran Joe Waryold.

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