Developing a fresh supply of talent aligned to industries’ current and future needs is a focus of JAXUSA Partnership. Unlike other areas of the country, Northeast Florida has distinct advantages that make this alignment easier including:

  • One primary workforce board for the region, which is highly responsive to business needs
  • One school district per county; district lines are county lines
  • Consolidated county and local government in City of Jacksonville/Duval County
  • Two state colleges linked by one system and that are in collaboration with each other
  • One state university and one private university focused on undergraduate education
  • One state research university recognized nationally for patent development and tech transfer

Our public and private schools – from pre-K to graduate school – have unique programs such as STEM advocacy; high school career academies; magnet programs; education and business partnerships, internships and externships; veterans’ services; and much more.

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Working Age Adults

Our region has a population that is ready to work.