Strength Of Jacksonville’s Public/Private Alliance Highlighted In Recent Successes

One of the most important factors to any region’s economic growth is the alignment of government policies and programs with the needs and goals of the business community –this is especially evident in the Jacksonville region like no other place in the United States.

At JAXUSA Partnership’s first quarter luncheon, Mayor Donna Deegan highlighted several key projects aimed at bolstering the advancement of the region:

Jacksonville Aims to be the Small Business Capital of the Southeast

  • An initial $2 million investment in small business programs including micro grants, low interest loans, education programming at the Small Business Development Center at the University of North Florida, and film and TV production growth.
  • Significant technology and process investments to streamline the permitting process, making it faster and easier to move projects forward across Jacksonville.

Boosting the Region’s Reputation as a Global Business Destination

Growing The Region’s Talent Base

Improving Infrastructure and Quality of Place

  • A commitment to public infrastructure and transformative projects that make downtown Jacksonville the epicenter for business, education and entertainment in the region – this includes a continuous series of riverfront parks that will make the river accessible to everyone in the city and attract more people to live, work and play here.
  • A record-setting $147 million grant received for five segments of the Emerald Trail, encompassing approximately 30 miles of trails, greenways and parks that encircle the urban core and link at least 14 historic neighborhoods to downtown.
  • The region’s leadership on resilience and sustainability with the presentation of the first city-wide compound flood model in the nation at the Aspen Institute Climate Conference. This cutting-edge model gives leaders the clearest picture of Jacksonville’s flood risk down to the block or street level, even telling us how long and to what extent a road will flood, putting the region in the best position to make informed capital planning and emergency decisions in real time.

All these initiatives were amplified by the announcement of project wins for Northeast Florida totaling $175 million in capital investment and the addition of 500 jobs through the first quarter of 2024.

The Jacksonville region continues to capitalize on emerging opportunities and chart a path towards long-term prosperity. With bold initiatives and a steadfast commitment to inclusive growth, the partnership between government and business in Northeast Florida is laying the groundwork for a vibrant and resilient economic future.